August 23rd, 2014 – Write it down, set a reminder, tattoo it on your forehead, whatever you do just get ready for it. It’s the new date for the 2014 Panther Run! I can’t imagine anything more important than having a crazy, muddy, adrenaline filled time with your buddies, however since this is a reschedule we will be offering refunds (only for those that can’t make it) . Please only request a refund if you have a valid reason. In other words, “I have to give my dog a bath that day.” is not a great reason. Dogs love obstacle races and so will you 

How to get a refund:

– Contact us before May 28th. No refunds after that date.

– Use the form on this page…

– Send me:
1) reason for canceling
2) first and last name
3) the paypal email you used when registering