Hello Panther Runners!

I hope you guys are as excited about Saturday as we are. We’ve been working hard putting the last few obstacles together and am happy to say we feel like this is going to be our best course yet! So, just a few things everyone needs to know about Saturday.

  • You must run with your wave time. You will not be allowed to run in an earlier heat.
  • Bring $10 per a car for parking, and some extra cash for lunch or snacks.
  • We recommend that you show up at least an hour before your wave time.
  • You may want to bring a change of clothes. We will have a place to safely store your stuff, wash off, and change.
  • All poor attitudes will either need to be left at home or stored in your car. If you need to exchange your attitude please see the live panther we have at the starting line.
  • Please stop by the timing table at the finish line so we can get your number. Your time is based on the wave start time, so it’s important that you go with the right wave.
  • You are responsible for your own safety. If you don’t feel safe with an obstacle then please go around.
  • We will not have free bananas at the finish line. We simply had way too many left over last time and have no way of knowing how many to buy.
  • We apologize in advance for any lines at the obstacles. It’s tough to tell how an obstacle is going to flow in advance. Just relax and cheer your fellow runners on!
  • Awards for Elite Heat: We race mainly for pride and one of the most valuable finishing medals you can get. On top of that, the fastest overall male and female get free entrance into the next race. The fastest team and the 1st place male and female in each age division will get half-off the next race. I’ll contact the winners a few days after the race when I get the results finalized.
  • 8AM Elite Heat: If you choose not to do an obstacle you MUST do 10 burpees (with push-up included).


IMPORTANT Stuff to print out…

– Follow this link to print out a waiver and bring it with you along with an ID. If you’re under 16 then you just need a parent or guardian to vouch for you.

– Follow this link to look up your run info. Make sure everything is correct. Also print and bring it with you to speed up sign-in. If you can’t find yourself, let us know. It means you are not registered.

– Follow this link to print out a location map of the park to find your way around. http://www.pantherrun.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/mini_map2015.pdf


Prepare to get muddy, be challenged, have a great time, and unleash your inner animal!