What’s the difference between Panther Run and Panther Run – Unleashed?

Panther Run – Unleashed is a longer, tougher, crazier version of Panther Run. Panther Run is 3.1 miles, Unleashed is between 4 –  5 miles with more obstacles. We only have one or the other. In other words they never happen on the same day. They are two totally different races.


What Should I Bring?

  • Change of Clothes
  • Photo Id for Packet Pick-up
  • An initialed, signed, and dated copy of the participant waiver.
  • Your receipt from when you paid.
  • Extra cash for parking and food.



Can I register on race day?

Sorry, everyone must register online before the event.


Is there an age requirement?

We believe fitness should be a very important part of any family, so we decided to allow anyone from 9 to 110 years old. Kids 9 years to 13 years old MUST run on a team with a parent or guardian. The Parent/Guardian is responsible for looking after them. As a parent, if there is an obstacle that you feel too dangerous then please go around it. There will be people stationed at each obstacle to help if you need it. The course itself will have its challenges but will be great for anybody!


Divisions for Individual Men and Women:

  • 14-19
  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60+

9-13 years old MUST run with a Parent/Guardian.

There is only one division for Teams. More about teams below.


Will everyone start at the same time?

When you register you get to choose the wave time you will be running in. They start every 30 minutes beginning at 8:00. Register early to make sure you get your preferred start time.


I am not an athlete… Is this race safe for me?

There is always a risk involved when you run a race like this. Keep in mind this is an extreme foot race, but with that said we have taken every precaution possible to ensure that you cross the finish line safely. We will have trained EMT’s available for any injuries that may occur. Being athletic is not a requirement, but having the mental fortitude is, you will be fine running the race as long as you are able to give it all you got!



Costumes are encouraged! Dress Crazy, be unique as possible, but keep in mind you are running a foot race, so keep it safe.


Pets? Can I bring my dog, cat, bird, snake, hermit crab, etc…?

We love pets, but not everyone does. So if you bring an animal they must be leashed at all times. I’ve never seen a hermit crab on a leash, but I’d like to. Maybe a cage would work better for some animal types.


Are personal coolers allowed?

We’ll have food and drink items available for purchase, but if you’d rather pack your own then go for it.


How do I volunteer?

E-mail us using the contact form telling us your T-shirt size, you first and last name, your age, and confirming that you will be at the informational meeting for the race that you wish to volunteer for.


As a volunteer what do I get?

  • Cool Panther Run T-shirt
  • An awesome Panther Run medal!
  • Food and refreshments day-of
  • Run the course for free after the event


Will timing be done for the race?

Yes, but it is completely optional.


Can I get a refund?

We do apologize, but no refunds under any circumstance. You can transfer your registration to another person until the transfer deadline.


What is packet pick-up?

Packet Pick-up is just another word for “Check In.” Here you will receive everything you need to race along with your Panther gear. Please bring your Photo ID & Signed Waiver. If you fail to provide both you will forfeit your ability to race and no refund will be given.


Join A Team

First-time runners may want to run with some friends! There are two ways to do this. You can register separately and run together during the race, or you can register a 4 person team (we do allow up to 6 on a team) and save some money. Don’t forget to create a team costume to stand out!


Will 4, 5 and 6 person teams race against each other?

Yes, there is only one division for teams. The team division. The individual times for the team members are averaged together to get the team time. All members of the team must finish the race. Team members do not have to finish at the same time.


Do I need to know how to swim? Depending on the course layout you may have to swim, but if you aren’t able, you can go around any water obstacles you aren’t comfortable going through.


What if it rains?

Then we will get REALLY MUDDY!!! We race rain or shine!


Will parking be free?

No. There is limited parking in comparison to the number of participants. Parking will be available for $10 per car space on race day. Please have cash ready. Car-pooling is highly encouraged.


How long is the course?

Panther Run: 5K. A 5K rounds out to be 3.1 miles.

Panther Run – Unleashed: 4 – 6 miles.


How can I clean up after the race?

We will be able to rinse the excess mud off of you after the race. This will consist of the fire department spraying you off. You are also welcome to take a dip in one of our ponds.  There will be restrooms at the Ridge for you to change your clothes in.


Will there be first aid available?

Yes! The local fire department will be on site and on call during the event.


If I’m coming out of town, where should I stay?

We have 5 hotel rooms, 2 cabins, RV spots, and primitive camping on site at The Ridge. The closest hotels will be in the city of Trussville, just 20 minutes away.

Here are some we recommend:

Jameson Inn- Click HERE

Holiday Inn Express- Click HERE

Hampton Inn- Click HERE