2015 Results

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and ran Saturday! Follow the links below for your times. The Elite Heat Results are the only ones that are accurate. Simply because if you ran in an earlier time than you were supposed to, it throws off your time. Let me know if...

Obstacle Spotlight – “Cargo Net Crawl”

Description: Horizontal cargo net stretched between giant logs. Length: ~70 feet How to Prepare: Who are we kidding, you can’t really prepare for this thing. Just pick a style of movement and go for it!

Giant Slide Obstacle Spotlight

Name: “Giant Slide (aka Black Tongue)” Description: Name speaks for itself. (Look for two of these bad boys in this race!) Length: ~75 feet Preparation: Duct tape 35 Slip N Slides together and pretend you’re 8 again.

Beast Mode – Multiple Lap Pass

For some people one time around the course is just not enough. We’re happy to announce a way to keep going and going and truly find out what kind of animal you are! Every time around we’ll mark it down and at the end we’ll give you the elusive...